Nanobubble 2024

10/Oct(Thu) – 12/Oct(Sat) 2024

Uji Campus, Kyoto University

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-The deadline of Early Bird Registration:17 June

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-The deadline of Registration:30 September (JST)

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The Nanobubble 2024 conference, to be hosted by the Kyoto University Fine bubble Research Group and The Union of Fine bubble Scientists and Engineers in Japan, aims to build upon the recent advancements in the field of nanobubbles and nanodroplets as evidenced by previous successful conferences, such as those held in Magdeburg (Nanobubble 2022), Suzhou (Nanobubble 2018), Coffs Harbor (ACIS 2017 Symposium), Shanghai (Nanobubble 2014) and Les Houches (Nanobubbles and Micropancakes 2012). Additionally, the conference will also explore the latest developments in the fields of fine bubbles and ultrafine bubbles. The conference will present the latest experimental data and phenomena, new insights from theory and modeling, advanced nano-characterization techniques, and exciting applications of nanobubbles, fine bubbles, and ultrafine bubbles in diverse fields such as biology, environmental protection and remediation, and medicine.

This program is supported by a subsidy from Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau.